• THUNDER P1 - GYRO Fixed Wing Three-Axis Gyroscope Balance Wing Flight Control FPV


  • Volume:26 * 39 mm about 6 grams weight. 3.5 6 v working voltage.

  • P1 -product introduction in A3 triaxial GYRO stabilization, on the basis of increased flight control switch control mode and triaxial lock (AVCS) mode

  • Vector control algorithm, the model adopted the Angle of aircraft around three axismotion Angle offset for real-time detection and correction, make the aircraft have the ability to keep a moment posture and trend, so called the lock

  • Lock compared with ordinary stabilization model, lock mode can not only enhance flight stability, even in the absence of the manipulation (take off) control,the realization of crane, such as side fly difficult moves

  • P1 -GYRO product introduction added a switch channels for switching mode in the process of flight, you can use a three stages switch in ordinary stabilization,triaxial lock (AVCS) and gyroscope shut down at any time to switch between three flight mode, fun experience completely different flight. 

  • P1 -GYRO product introduction of the flight control of aircraft electric oil jetwingspan unlimited size, universal flight controller.

  • Flightline controller can improve flight performance and control plane.

  • Atthe same time can offset all kinds of the external factors influencing thestate of plane. Easy to stall aircraft, for example, or original design could fly the plane. And wind and current, etc., flight control can automatically offset these negative factors.

  • The three axis on the flight control high precision gyro can do rapid sensitive compensation movement of the rudder surface offset unstable air flow aircraft in flight is more stable straight, nor turbulence in a certain degree of the wind.

  • But at the same time, flight control can't offset you control of the plane, instead will increase your control of the plane.

  • Flight control can make you feel small electric is also have the feeling of largeair craft to fly!

  • For the first time use please according to the manual installation and commissioning

  • Sensitivity to debug advice flying first to feel close to the minimum for the first time,according to increase the range of 5 minutes for at the time of flight adjustment, flight control board factory Settings when 50% of the position,please don't put the factory Settings for the standard, please adjust according to your aircraft and dynamic configuration for sensitivity.


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THUNDER P1 - GYRO Fixed Wing Three-Axis Gyroscope Balance Wing Flight Control FPV

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