• 2 Pairs BeeRotor 5x5x3 - Propeller Transparent Blue


The BeeRotor 5x5x3 BW propeller is designed for high speed and extreme performance. This unique airfoil provides incredible thrust throughout the entire power-band, and especially the top end. In addition to incredible power potential, the BW also has great efficiency. Most high performance propellers suffer from high amp draw to achieve top-end thrust, but the BW's advanced airfoil allows for both high performance and good efficiency. These props give you a "locked in" feel while flying and really grip the air while cornering.

The BW propellers are made from an ultra-durable, crash resistant polycarbonate material. This allows the propellers to resist breaking in a crash or prop strike. Now you can clip a gate or a tree branch and keep flying! Each blade is 100% balanced direct from the mold as well, giving you a "More smooth" flight.

Rotation: CW/CCW
Length: 5 inch
Pitch: 5 inch
Material: PC
Weight:4.8 grams/unit

Hub ID: 5mm
Hub thickness: 7.0mm

2 Pairs props ( 4 Props ) 


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2 Pairs BeeRotor 5x5x3 - Propeller Transparent Blue

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