BeeRotor ThunderBolt 215 Top Battery Version w/ PDB

BeeRotor ThunderBolt 215 Top Battery Version w/ PDB
Product Code: 215TBV
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This is the BeeRotor Thunderbolt Top Battery version 215- a 3mm carbon fiber Arm  designed from the ground up for FPV Racing. The Thunderbolt is inspired design met with months of revisions, testing, and hard work. BeeRotor didn’t want to make just any racing drone- we wanted to make the best racing drone possible for you

Optimized for the BeeRotorF3 Flight Controller with built-in current sensors- it supports 5V,12V, LED output, a built-in Buzzer, and OSD.

Package Included:

1 *  TD215 Frame
1 *  215 PDB

1 * Access. kits


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